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Institutional Subscription Order Form

Institutional Subscription Account Order Form AIRS offers Institutional accounts for libraries, schools, and other qualified organizations. Rates are based on the type of institution and/or the number of users (see below). For a limited time, institutions can enjoy an additional 25% discount from our normal low rates. In addition, your 25% discount will be "locked in" for the next three years. Plus, your first month is free! Just fill in the subscription application below (enter the normal subscription rate in the "Amount" box) and your invoice will reflect the 25% discount.

Subscription Rates

Subscriptions are offered only on a yearly basis. Orders placed at this time are guaranteed to retain the rates shown for the next three years.

K-12 Single School Library
$199 per library/year

School District/Consortium
$199 per school/year

Public Libraries (active cardholders)
  • Up to 25k: $349/year
  • 25-50k: $415/year
  • 50-100k: $489/year
  • 100-250k: $629/year
  • 250-500k: $699/year
  • 500k-up: $799/year

Academic Libraries (Colleges, Universities, Community/Jr. Colleges; priced by FTE) per library
  • 5k: $415/year
  • 5-20k: $559/year
  • 20k-up: $699/year

Individual Research Account


Please make check payable to CRIA, LLC and mail to:
AIRS, PO Box 250, Wilmette, IL 60091

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